Fundraisers initiate booking :

At Supreme Sports Studio we believe strongly in community reinvestment through local Schools and Companies. If your School or Company is interested in hosting a fundraising event with us for Charity or otherwise we will donate 10% of the register ring from your event back to your school or Company. We try to make these events as easy as possible on you. Once we have a date identified, we'll get it scheduled and anyone from your organization can come in and just mention at the front desk they are with your particular function. No need to bring a flyer or any kind of validation. We will keep track of everything through our point of sale system.

How it works:

  • Choose a day that works for your School or Company and generally, we like to schedule these events during the week – Monday through Friday That way we are less busy, and your group can have more of a free range in the park. However, we cannot do this on Saturday or Sunday evenings, or School Holidays.

  • Make sure you market your event to your entire school, organization or team. We can help by providing a flyer for you to distribute customized with your logo and information. Stating a time for your event is best to get your whole crew together and have fun. Usually, we like to give a 3-hour window in the late afternoons or evenings Monday through Friday.

  • Get as many people to come to Supreme Sports Studio for your event as possible. Tell them to mention your group at check-in.

  • We will track everyone that comes in to support your school through our point of sale system.

  • We can provide you with an estimate of your school's proceeds at the conclusion of your event.

  • We will cut a check to your School or Company or Sports team for 10% of the register ring for your event, typically within the next 1 to 2 accounts payable cycles. We are only able to make checks payable to schools or companies - not individuals.

We absolutely love hosting these events and hope to see you soon.


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